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The Badger Herald Editorial Board: Six issues our next chancellor can’t afford to ignore

As UW prepares to welcome a new chancellor, The Badger Herald Editorial Board outlines key concerns UW's next leader must address to succeed in the job

Ayomi and Juliana Debate
City of Madison

District 8 Alder candidates conflict over statement denying sexual assault survivorship

Alder candidate Juliana Bennett says candidate Ayomi Obuseh's claims were about her, while Obuseh says her post was not directed at Bennett

UW-Madison Campus

UW cannot release sexual harassment report in botany case

The university cites student privacy laws


Intersectionality in sexual assault: How race, gender identity and other factors impact sexual crimes

New AAU study reveals important results regarding sexual assault among minority students, poses a call to action

UW-Madison Campus

AAU report finds sexual assault rates of females remain unchanged since 2015

Report found no significant change in UW's sexual assault rates compared to 2015


Perfect is not the enemy of good: UW must do better to improve sexual assault reporting

Rejection of Callisto software on basis of imperfection jeopardizes students, ignores the software's many benefits


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: UW must protect students in light of federal attempts to change Title IX protections

Attempts to provide vague conditions to vital Title IX protections must be resisted

UW-Madison Campus

Campus leaders discuss changes to sexual assault policies at Diversity Forum

2015 survey found 27.6 percent of female undergraduate students had been sexually assaulted since attending UW

UW-Madison Campus

Sexual assault reported in southeast residence hall

The sexual assault allegedly took place Oct. 13

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Senate debate focuses on sexual assault, gender pay gap concerns

Baldwin has served as U.S. Senator since 2013 while Vukmir is currently a state senator

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