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Science News

Evers, businesses in conflict over employee COVID-19 information release

'It is much unusual to see the government being on the side of defending the release of information,' UW professor emeritus says


State Street should be converted into a pedestrian mall for economic growth, cultural expression

Madison community needs more shared space and Bus Rapid Transit can provide access

City of Madison

Artwork created on plywood on Madison storefronts comes down

'I think these murals broke down barriers and it starts to bring you in to talk about what has happened,' Social Impact Investment Director says


How to support workers while keeping taxpayers informed

Incentive packages which entice business to maintain jobs in Wisconsin will help Wisconsin workers

City of Madison

GOP-backed bill looks to standardize employment laws in Wisconsin

Investigator for city of Madison argues legislation will lessen protection for employees facing discrimination

City of Madison

Public market to bring local businesses together

After a multi-year effort, market receives approval in budget

City of Madison

Monroe Street construction delay leaves residents, owners worried

Retail store, coffee shop owners express mixed concerns on Soglin's capital budget decision

State of Wisconsin

Businesses could be fined for not allowing firearms

Gun rights advocate said businesses would be liable for gun violence because patrons cannot defend themselves

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