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UW-Madison Campus

Ben Shapiro visits campus, discusses current events, draws counterprotest

Young Americans for Freedom bring Shapiro to campus for first time since 2016


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: The bounds of free speech

Amid series of controversial speakers at UW, we must consider how to resist harmful speech without restricting constitutional liberties


Editorial Board: Free speech and power in a protest-driven era

Campus Free Speech Bill supports those who espouse hate speech more than those who disrupt it

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Legislature introduces bill protecting free speech on UW campuses

UW system student groups say bill is not necessary given pre-existing UW policy


In light of Trump’s free speech executive order, UW’s existing policy is worthy of praise

UW System's free speech and protest policy already covers much of Trump's latest executive order

Letter to the Editor

Board of Regents free speech decision must be repealed immediately

Vague policy unfairly makes students to choose between voicing opinions, asking questions, possible expulsion


Point Counterpoint: Protecting free speech in its entirety is nothing but productive

Hearing perspectives different from your own facilitates potentially impactful conversations


Protestors, pick your battles: Forbes’ speech not worth your breath

Freedom of speech includes both sides

Letter to the Editor

Letter to Editor: Picking battles essential to ensure bright political future

Equating all conservatives to 'alt-right' is foolish, intelligent discussion between the two sides is necessary to prevent extremism

City of Madison

Didn’t read the news this semester? We recapped it all for you

Fall semester that was: From the election to sexual assault arrests, this semester has been historic

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