Ice Skating Olympics draws crowd, causes spills on Bascom Hill

Ice, ice Bucky

UW-Madison Campus

In bipartisan effort, College Democrats, Republicans place flags for 9/11 victims

College Republicans, Democrats have been jointly placing flags on Bascom Hill for more than a decade


Hump Day: ‘Ride the 80’ and other campus-inspired sex acts to bring Badger pride to the bedroom

Babcock? More like BabCock...


Hitlist: February Bascom climbs don’t get easier

On this frozen tundra, better block out howling winds with songs that will get you to class


Eight ways to avoid climbing Bascom Hill

These will save you some SERIOUS energy

UW-Madison Campus

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro lectures to turbulent crowd on safe spaces, freedom of speech

Protests prompt yelling match over "safety" and "decency"

UW-Madison Campus

Students protest Camp Randall noose incident, white supremacy

Students express disappointment in UW's handling of incident, said lack of action propagates racism

City of Madison

Students protest Trump’s presidency, proposed policies

Lawmaker said students will be pivotal part of opposing Trump's 'bigoted, racist' policies


UW students march to shine a light on sexual assault

Crowd protested against future of women's rights under Trump presidency

UW-Madison Campus

Two Wisconsin residents cover Bascom Hill in anti-Trump art

Rockfield couple brings '737 lbs. of Opinion' to Madison