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Even when it was stressful, it was worth it: My goodbye to The Badger Herald

A heartfelt goodbye to the place that defined my college career


Editorial Board: Continuing experiment in uncertain times

Despite coronavirus fears, The Badger Herald commits to accurate, engaging digital coverage

Herald Alumni

Cristina Daglas’ compelling journey to heights of sports journalism

Intense curiosity drove Daglas to find passion for journalism early in life


What we almost named The Badger Herald

The Badger Herald by any other name would smell as sweet

Men's Basketball

Men’s Basketball: Badgers look to derail Boilermakers on ‘Frank Kaminsky Night’

Wisconsin will attempt to upset No. 6 Purdue as they celebrate an all-time great


A day in the life of a real college student: Expectations vs. reality

False expectations shouldn't be allowed to dictate or alter your college experience


Thank you for everything, Badger Herald

Work from student journalists, editors, creative writers, business people are more important than you may realize


From the Desk of the Editor: Finding purpose in accidents

To make a long story short, the Herald has been the source of my highest of highs and lowest of lows


The Badger Herald Editorial Board endorses Zach Wood for City Council

As a UW alum, Wood's deep understanding of the needs of his constituents, innovative mind, tangible solutions render him perfect fit


Don’t even bother to look, The Badger Herald is the only newspaper on the internet

We're all alone

UW-Madison's Premier Independent Student Newspaper

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