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UW-Madison Campus

UW chancellor co-chairs committee on facial recognition technology

Committee's report reveals shortcomings, need for ongoing research

Science News

TEDxUWMadison introduces new AI ideas with talks from five experts

Sharon Li, Martin Lichtman, Patrick McDaniel, Lori Mazor, Scott Rosen illuminate future of AI in their talks

Science News

Kaiping Chen shares research into relationship between gender, race, education inequality, technology

Discussion held by CDGW reveals researched science inequities, disparities in communities 


Deepfake pornography bill essential to Wisconsinites’ privacy online

Wisconsin needs to criminalize deepfake pornography to protect adults and children from cyber abuse.

Science News

UW researchers untangle bias in technology, social media

Science News

Artificial intelligence presents new opportunities for educators, experts say

UW-Madison Campus

UW graduate student builds AI model with visual processing capabilities

Graduate student builds unique intelligence model, optimizes resources

Science News

Wisconsin professors discuss changing information landscape in age of AI

Where there is more information than ever, journalists need to level playing field, experts say


Point-counterpoint: ChatGPT’s role as therapy alternative

AI could provide fast, accessible therapy alternative, but with some serious concerns

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The rise of ChatGPT: ChatGPT makes name for itself in classroom

Experts agree best solution is to not fight against AI, ban it in academics

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