Cook plea, sentencing crucial to revolutionizing sexual assault protocol on campus

Recent legal actions have opportunity to create new precedent for punishing sexual assault perpetrators

City of Madison

UPDATED: Change of venue granted for Cook trial

Lawyers also pursue change in venue to ensure fair jury

City of Madison

State adds 2 new felony charges to Cook case

Updated criminal complaint includes incident dating back to 2014

City of Madison

UWPD refers 2 new charges against Cook to District Attorney’s Office

Cook now faces 23 counts of criminal charges

City of Madison

New victim comes forward against Cook

Scheduling hearing has been set for June 5

UW-Madison Campus

UPDATE: Cook to be officially expelled from the university

Either party has ability to appeal to chancellor by March 24

City of Madison

Cook’s defense attorneys file motion to compel prosecution to release thousands of pages in evidence

Defense counsel has made approximately 10 separate inquiries for state to produce evidence

City of Madison

Cook to be arraigned on 21 counts of criminal charges

Despite not getting charges reduced, defense team said they feel confident with client's case

City of Madison

Cook to be released on reduced $100,000 cash bail

UW student will not be permitted in Dane County, except for hearings

City of Madison

Cook faces six new charges against five new women

Cook now faces 21 counts of varying charges against 10 women