Campaigning for change: Rhodes-Conway names affordable housing, public transportation as two key platform points approaching April’s election

As the April 2 mayoral election approaches, Rhodes-Conway reiterates the importance of community and political collaboration to enact change within Madison

City of Madison

As affordable housing options shrink in Madison, local refugee resettlement efforts suffer

Only two refugee resettlement organizations remain in the city, as rising housing prices have edged others out

City of Madison

Ongoing problems at Tree Lane Family Apartments result in nuisance abatement, threatens future of newly proposed supportive housing site

Heartland Housing development must create plan offering increased support to its formerly-homeless tenants


UW students set their sights on local elections to bolster campus representation in city government

Affordable housing, sustainable transportation among issues raised by student candidates looking to bring fresh perspectives to the eighth district


Requiring usage of support services may remedy underlying causes of homelessness

Though the City of Madison is on the right track to reducing homelessness, there is always room for improvement

City of Madison

Madison recommends $4.5 million for affordable housing developments

Four new developments to go up in Madison to serve veterans, homeless, residents below poverty line


Overdue: As the city expands affordable housing, barriers for those in need persist

While the federal government contemplates a comprehensive definition for homelessness, a low vacancy rate and towering rent keep low-income individuals on the street

City of Madison

Madison awarded almost $2 million in tax credits to create more affordable housing in Madison

Credits will help complete a five-year goal set in 2014 to create 1,000 affordable housing units

City of Madison

Dane County unveils plans for new housing facility designed to support veterans, provide affordable housing

Valor on Washington will be largest veteran residential space in U.S.


Increase in population brings resources to cities, makes them more inclusive

Affordable housing, policies for crime reduction will make Wisconsin cities more inclusive