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With less energy from ‘Zoom Exhaustion,’ UW needs to invest in their students

As students struggle to maintain academic performance through online learning, UW faculty must create additional means of support


UW’s first fully online degree opens up a world of possibilities for nontraditional students

As UW lauches its first fully online degree in personal finance, students unable to attend UW traditionally are able to succeed


As pandemic uproots lives, it’s important to make positive lifestyle changes

As COVID-19 crisis continues, classes resume online, students must implement good habits in name of mental health


Tips and tricks to consider for new online classes

As UW attempts to adjust to new form of instruction, here are ways to make the most of the current predicament


With upcoming midterms, future tests must be considerate to new online instruction

With students, professors scrambling to adjust to new form of teaching, traditional standardized midterms must be changed to fit new situation


UW should go pass fail, students stressed enough

Not unprecedented move, preceded by Harvard


To accommodate eager students, business school’s ’86 credit rule’ must change

Turning away students with 'too many credits' works against goals of a college education


While well-intentioned, UW math course packets ultimately cost students

Short custom pamphlets do not provide necessary examples, explanations required for complexity of calculus


Academics, not athletics, should define UW

With UW's sports teams on the rise and our academic rankings in decline, it's time for Chancellor Blank to re-evaluate her priorities

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