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UW-Madison Campus

From Russia with questions: Are we in a cyberwar with them now?

Some experts believe Russia's reported cyber campaign was to make American elections appear rigged, elect pro-Russia president


How Tomi Lahren inadvertently made the most progressive statement of the year

Labels are what got us into this mess, so maybe millennials pushing to strip them away can get us out


Trump’s cabinet selections prove that he tricked us all

Far from being for common man, billionaire bankers, swamp creatures run president-elect's cabinet


Nasty women did not need your vote: Sí, se puede

Trump can begin building his wall, but I’ll use my voice to build bridges


If you were willing to support Trump, be willing to own up to the repercussions of his election

Just because you didn't vote for Trump because you're racist, doesn't mean you didn't help put a racist in the White House


Voter turnout increases on campus, falls for state

7,345 voter IDs distributed for the election, state sees lowest turnout in decade


In photos: U.S. Sen. Baldwin attends campus screen printing event

T-shirt designs include Trump's infamous phrases 'Nasty Woman,' 'Bad Hombre'

UW-Madison Campus

How social media made waves in the 2016 election

Politically-divided camps torn further apart online

State of Wisconsin

Clinton running mate Tim Kaine stumps in Madison

Democratic vice-presidential candidate highlights early voting


Seemingly anticipating his own loss, Trump attempts to shift blame to Democrats, Paul Ryan

Though he is undermining himself at every turn, Republican presidential nominee can still fault Speaker for loss