UW-Madison Campus

Despite scattered attacks abroad, UW remains confident in protective measures

University screening policies, traveler preparedness combine to minimize potential dangers overseas

UW-Madison Campus

Sustainability programs reduce food waste, help manage insecurity

Dining and Culinary Services implement strategies aimed at minimizing produce ending up in landfills


Madison music scene dives into political activism

Local groups in punk/rock, other genres participate in movements to raise concerns over current events

UW-Madison Campus

Normalization of stimulant use on campus has ethical, safety implications

Experts, students believe some take study drugs illegally to self-medicate undiagnosed ADHD

UW-Madison Campus

Feelings of displacement among Native Americans extends to campus

A single staff member connects roughly 400 students with relevant resources

State of Wisconsin

Evaluating investigations of deadly police shootings two years after Robinson

State Rep. Chris Taylor looks to strengthen outside probes with special prosecutors, but some weary of politicizing process

UW-Madison Campus

Non-native foreign language instructors help students through shared experiences

Foreign teachers can provide greater opportunities when it comes to understanding cultural aspects

UW-Madison Campus

UW provides critical services for student-parents to continue pursuing higher education

Funding from non-allocable seg fees, support from campus offices help send children of students to day care centers

UW-Madison Campus

Transgender students face added pressures pursuing higher education while UW organizations look to help

UHS strives to improve access, transparency in health care for LGBTQ+ campus community members


Although Title IX limits discrimination on basis of sex, inequity between sports programs remains unavoidable

Officials, students said there is equal access to athletics benefits, resources, despite uneven use