Science politicization, funding fights leave researchers in limbo

Experts point to need for strengthened communication between scientists, public

UW-Madison Campus

Wage wars: In search of the ‘American dream,’ students are often pushed to accept unpaid internships as necessary evil

Seen to stifle diversity and benefit the wealthy, unpaid internships leave students caught between the prospect of invaluable work experience and the threatening lack of a paycheck


A Different Dynasty: After struggling to find footing in 2018-19 season, a young Badger basketball team now leaves fans wondering about program’s reputation

Inconsistent shooting, abnormally high turnover rate plagued team as the regular season drew to a close, persisting through their tough tournament loss to Oregon


Crumbling foundations: Declining enrollment numbers loom over under-funded humanities departments

Facing steep decline in enrollment, humanities departments nationwide look for innovative measures to retain funding and encourage students to pursue humanities degrees


Campaigning for change: Rhodes-Conway names affordable housing, public transportation as two key platform points approaching April’s election

As the April 2 mayoral election approaches, Rhodes-Conway reiterates the importance of community and political collaboration to enact change within Madison

UW-Madison Campus

A major problem: Students of color feel unwelcome on campus and in the classroom

Lack of access to academic support, inhospitable campus climate hinder academic success of students of color


MacTaggart’s Market & Deli: Conversations with the most welcoming staff on campus

“Ragtag” cast of coworkers manages to turn convenience store into something else entirely


Fighting Spirits: Ahead of municipal elections, questions loom about future of liquor licensing in downtown Madison

Spike in violent crimes downtown linked to alcohol consumption have city officials, police rethinking current policies regarding liquor licensing


Call to action: While administration faces pressures to improve campus climate, students work to create change within their own communities

As UW administration works on improving campus climate from above, students leaders and activists set an example to create change from the ground up

UW-Madison Campus

As professors, students grapple with recent course controversies, new challenges make for uncertain future

From viral Facebook posts to Fox News appearances, the rules of the game are changing for courses at the center of controversy