Residents in Residence: Shortage of space in UW residence halls leaves students concerned about housing crisis

Rising student population leads to cramped dorm rooms, high demand for food, more disease transmission


Let’s talk about sex: Non-male pleasure remains stigmatized, but empowering dialogue ensues

Students, experts emphasize need for open discussion about masturbation, encourage safe self exploration


The ‘S’ in STEM: Sexism in STEM classes places barriers for underrepresented students

Women, nonbinary students call for change in STEM majors, overall field 


Raising the bar: Local bars strive to create more inclusive, safe environment for patrons

Business owners attempt to rewrite narrative surrounding bar culture


Paper cuts deep: The evolution of Wisconsin’s paper industry

Shifting consumer demands push paper mills to close, impact surrounding communities


My Voice, My Vote: Student vote plays foundational role in decisive election

As November midterm approaches, UW students navigate their role, significance in Wisconsin politics


Hook, line and sinker: Tackling harmful health risks of fish contamination for anglers, greater community

Angling for education, safe consumption habits, environmental change


Culture of consciousness: Unearthing fashion’s history, labor practices to design a better future

Calls for sustainable practices and local efforts to make ‘slow’ fashion feasible provide hope to reshape industry

UW-Madison Campus

The Right Balance: UW students struggle to find adequate pay and job flexibility on campus

With some pay increases on the horizon, student employees voice continuing concerns about persistent understaffing, low-pay and working conditions on campus


‘In your hands:’ UW pushes forward through uncertain financial future amid frozen tuition, declining state investment

As Blank leaves behind a decade-worth of attempts to shift UW’s financial model, it is up to new leadership to piece together university’s budget

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