UW-Madison Campus

Brushed aside: Students, faculty struggle to define what ethnic studies mean at UW

In the classroom, minority students grapple with requirement clearly designed for white majority


Across many disciplines, artists at UW learn their craft, hone intents, form communities

Students work to create pieces that represent themselves and the changes they want to see

City of Madison

Race to the state: Amid crowded democratic pool, Mayor Paul Soglin takes first steps for the gubernatorial election

The complicated figurehead faces uphill battle with critics coming in from both sides of the political spectrum

City of Madison

In a city wounded by spikes of violence in 2017, citizens urgently seek remedy

Police, local officials, grassroots organizers have — at times — contrasting ideas on what it will take to prevent gun violence in Madison

UW-Madison Campus

Voices of change: UW political organizers seek to push protest tradition forward

In 21st century, activists reconcile challenges, personal lives and shifting social climates in efforts to create meaningful change

UW-Madison Campus

As AI programs proliferate, researchers investigate implications of machine-driven decisions

Between zeros and ones, undercurrents of human bias may linger in AI

UW-Madison Campus

Transcript: The Badger Herald sits down with Chancellor Rebecca Blank

Blank discusses free speech, campus safety, campus climate, religious diversity, Foxconn

UW-Madison Campus

Amid divisions, disparities, students work to facilitate interfaith dialogues on campus

Non-Christian students feel less welcome, have less spaces than Christian students on campus

UW-Madison Campus

UW chancellor encourages community to confront strained campus climate as national tensions escalate

Rebecca Blank looks toward future of free speech, faculty retention and Foxconn

UW-Madison Campus

UW Athletes, UHS officials, look for ways to tackle mental health issues

College athletes face stressors, disorders as results of balancing athletic and student lives