UW-Madison Campus

As professors, students grapple with recent course controversies, new challenges make for uncertain future

From viral Facebook posts to Fox News appearances, the rules of the game are changing for courses at the center of controversy


Federal government shutdown sends Madisonians scrambling for innovative, community-based solutions

As interim appropriations bill is set to expire Feb. 15, UW faculty and government employees are wary of uncertain financial future

UW-Madison Campus

Searching: Students of color advocate for cultural spaces as they claim their place at UW

As students establish cultural centers at the Red Gym, Native American, Chicanx spaces face potential demolition


Cell biologists, biomedical engineers discuss the history and potential of UW’s pioneering stem cell research

Outreach, exchange with public are key to building confidence in and realizing scientific research


Lack of visibility surrounding gender-neutral bathrooms on campus punctuated by lack of safe space for transgender, non-binary students

Transgender and non-binary students seek access to inclusive bathrooms as UW administration deliberates usage policy, works around strict building codes


UW students set their sights on local elections to bolster campus representation in city government

Affordable housing, sustainable transportation among issues raised by student candidates looking to bring fresh perspectives to the eighth district


Right of Way: Inaccessible public transportation limits employment, affordable housing options for Madison’s outskirts

Bus rapid transit looks to provide a solution to inequity and pollution but city officials are met with severe lack of public, government funding


Smoke Signals: Wisconsin referendum reveals voters want legal weed, but what are the risks?

Overwhelming popular support for legalizing marijuana fuels discussion of potential medical, economic and societal benefits and risks


Creative and collaborative: Tory Miller inspires diners and budding chefs to reimagine local ingredients

Leaving behind a world-renowned New York City restaurant, chef Tory Miller planted his roots in Madison to operate four establishments


In the election of a generation, student voting surges

Campus political organizations reflect on role of voting after tumultuous 2016 election