Gun control debate remains stagnant in the absence of concrete, bipartisan solutions

Protecting human life is a shared value across the aisle — let's make the gun-control debate about logic, pragmatism


Reports of gunman on campus reinforce need to reject campus carry

Police do great job of protecting UW campus, students wielding guns would only increase danger


Raising issues with controversial opinions better than silencing them to avoid offense

Silencing opinions that some deem harmful antithetical to free speech


Two-party system perpetuates false information and half truths

Picking facts instead of picking your position is harmful to discourse, political climate


Criminal disenfranchisement: 21st century America’s suffrage crisis

Prisoners in the American prison system should have the opportunity to vote on issues that directly affect their lives both inside prison and once they are released


Vanity, academic laziness and exorbitantly priced books detract from students’ education

Professors that assign their own textbooks are operating in ethical gray zone


Inconsistencies of Republican party on minimum wage laws hurt constituents

With federal minimum wage law, immigrants would not be allowed to drive wages down


High-rise luxury apartments have made affordable housing options hard to come by

Implementing apartment-style living for students would help those without the means to afford luxury apartments


Universal Basic Income an ideal replacement for a broken welfare system,

Adopting already popular Universal Basic Income system would save millions their livelihoods

Women's Basketball

Women’s basketball: Badgers fall to Tar Heels despite second half push

Young gave UNC all it could handle, but UW was unable to secure its fourth win of the year