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(Erik Brown 3.6) Tony Robinson Shooting-8 POLICE mpd
City of Madison

Man arrested after punching MPD officer in face

Suspect has been arrested before on two occasions of assault

megan casey
UW-Madison Campus

UW student missing after plane crash near Lake Erie

Officials are working toward recovering missing plane, passengers

police mpd cop car
City of Madison

Man knocked to ground for retaliating to derogatory remarks toward friend

Friend was also knocked to ground, was unhurt

State of Wisconsin

Fearful of expense, organizations hope for more permanent block on overtime pay rule

Rule would have made 80,000 workers eligible for overtime pay in Wisconsin

money andrew jackson
State of Wisconsin

Counties across Wisconsin could follow Dane County’s minimum wage proposal

Proponents of raising minimum wage say it will help workers but opponents argue it will hurt small businesses

(Marissa) capitol-6
State of Wisconsin

Tired of ‘shuffling papers,’ Wisconsin ethics commissioner resigns

Republican lawmaker criticized Kinney for not using his position to create change in system

sean duffy
State of Wisconsin

Mayor calls Wisc. legislator ‘charlatan’ for labelling Madison as ‘communist community’

Duffy said city is trying to delay vote recount process

Board of Regents Meeting
UW-Madison Campus

Regents approve system-wide sexual assault training program, independent post-tenure review

Changes to policy will not undermine faculty role in decision-making process, Board President said

State of Wisconsin

Republicans could push for further cuts to UW System budget in upcoming session

Students, faculty expected to fight against budget cuts

marissa - bascom always forward-7
UW-Madison Campus

Out-of-state tuition would increase $4,000 under proposal

Tuition increase expected to raise $9.6 million in funding for UW

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