Fictional African American movies for Black History Month

Commentary on how African American cinema in the last decade depicts reality with fiction


UW student Shiloah Symone featured for Black History Month

Black Cultural Center showcases journalism student’s art on February weekdays


Campus Food Shed fights campus food insecurity

Campus Food Shed provides free food, produce for university members


Foodie clubs to check out at the UW Student Org Fair

List of five foodie clubs to check out at UW Student Organization Fair


Afrofuturism event ‘Heal N’ Paint’ focuses on healing with African diaspora

UW presents 'Afroturism' theme for Black History Month, celebrates African American heritage


Check out Marquee Theater of Union South for free movies

The Marquee is an underappreciated option for students to watch free movies of all kinds


Play ‘INDECENT’ showcases themes of historic controversy, power of art

Music Theatre Madison presents show about controversial Yiddish play that jailed its actors, tickets $10 for students


Curtain falls on Netflix original Bojack Horseman

An analysis of the show Bojack Horseman with few spoilers


Studio Learning Community Hosts Showcases to Support Its Students

The Studio Learning Community hosts performances for its students to watch, participate in, gives an opportunity to showcase and experiment with arts


Madison co-ops overlooked in fall apartment search

Details on different co-op houses in downtown Madison-area courtesy of Madison Community Cooperative