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Campus passes Rec Sports Master Plan with wide margin

After months of campaigns, the University of Wisconsin will move forward with Recreational Sports’ Master Plan after the plan passed in a campus-wide referendum.

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From Bangladesh to Bucky: UW revisits licensing and workers’ safety policies

After a factory collapse in Bangladesh killed 1,134 workers last year, the University of Wisconsin is in the process of reviewing workers’ safety in factories

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Rec Sports tells ASM burden will not be on students if referendum passes and budget is exceeded

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Campus community reacts to new diversity plan

After a preliminary draft of the new campus diversity plan was released last week, students have voiced concerns regarding its vague language and lack

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Preliminary campus diversity plan draft revealed

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Power surge on campus leaves students trapped in elevators

A power surge rippled through the entire city of Madison shortly after noon Wednesday, leaving parts of the campus in the dark and some

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UW tested solar panels may be used at IceCube Neutrino Observatory

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ASM seeks to control all student fees

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UW System tops chart for highest number of drug, alcohol arrests

As campus officials note the “bizarre” trend in students being cited with very high blood alcohol levels, the University of Wisconsin System topped a

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UW survey targets STI rates, safe sex on campus

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