UW-Madison Campus

UWPD Police Chief pledges to improve campus relations

Police Chief Kristen Roman believes outreach programs can improve connections between police, underrepresented communities

State of Wisconsin

Report finds Wisconsin incarceration rates surpass all neighboring states

Experts suggest Wisconsin spends less money on punitive methods, redirect funding toward rehabilitation

City of Madison

Derail the Jail Coalition condemns new jail construction proposal

Opposers said the funds for the jail should go towards jail alternatives such as mental health initiatives

City of Madison

Politicians express concern about proposed redaction of Madison’s sanctuary city status

Panel disapproves of Trump, Walker administrations' health care legislation


Your basic guide to basic bitches in Madison

Calling all basic bitches

UW-Madison Campus

Doctors highlight smoking, diet as factors in preventing dementia

5.3 million people currently suffer from Alzheimer’s in the U.S., rate could triple by 2050

City of Madison

Committee explores options for 100 percent clean energy initiatives in Dane County

The city discussed ways to fully transition to 100 percent renewable energy

UW-Madison Campus

ASM passes legislation encouraging widespread e-textbook usage

Student government hopes to reduce cost of classroom materials for students


Midwestern slang that needs to stop

A "friendly" reminder from us from the East Coast

UW-Madison Campus

UW holds discussion to address concerns of white supremacy, standing against bigotry

Students, faculty compared current political climate to that of 1920s Germany