Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday: Uncertainty doesn’t end in high school

Self-doubt can be all-consuming, but finding self-certainty again can be as easy as closing your eyes


UW senior helps form online art gallery

Founders are siblings hoping to provide up and coming local artists a platform for their work

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday: Spend your spring break building relationships, providing service

Relax from day-to-day responsibilities by completing service projects over spring break with Students Today Leaders Forever

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday: Healthy habits to get you through midterms

Take some time to yourself to stay sane during exams

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday: You are more than just a resume

While summer internship applications are important, it is crucial not to lose oneself in process

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful monday: An ode to libraries

Don't take libraries for granted — we're luckier to have them than you may think

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday: As spring semester starts, choose faith, not fear

Learning to accept starts with investing faith in yourself, humanity

Meaningful Monday

A Meaningful Monday: Finding words to live by

The light at the end of the tunnel is always there — if you look hard enough for it

Hump Day

Hump Day: Asserting cat-like dominance can help reaffirm self-worth

Refusing to break eye contact with passerbys is important in establishing superiority, dominance

Meaningful Monday

A Meaningful Monday: The ingredients for confidence

A take on understanding confidence as more of a way of life through inner belief

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