Student loans are not meant for cryptocurrency investments

Recent studies suggest more students are investing in cryptocurrency with loan funds, a dangerous and unstable cycle


Recent Facebook scandal prompts need for government regulation of large tech companies

Websites like Facebook should be seen, regulated like public utilities


New tariffs on steel, aluminum are Trump’s haphazard apology to his most loyal constituents

Trade war coupled with economic hardships would devastate finances of blue collar workers


New chat tool designed to ease privacy concerns could have far-reaching applications

Application has chance to revolutionize understanding of complex documents, but may negatively impact dependence on technology


Wisconsin GOP congressional candidate Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter, and rightfully so

Regardless of media forum, racist imagery objectively has no place in American politics


Gov. Scott Walker should focus on own population, not recruiting new one

Syphoning nearly $7 million into recruitment ad campaign wrong move for Wisconsin


School breaks too long, students can’t capitalize on time

Missing time with family, not offering enough time for employment are just two reasons UW needs to reform academic calendar


Ryan, Johnson’s response to Manafort indictment gutless, but expected

Continued Republican silence when faced with situations of accountability speaks volumes about integrity of party


Legislation limiting abortion training on campus latest in GOP attack on health

Factual inaccuracies make justifying this legislation nearly impossible


Political correctness in America is long gone

America's leaders represent the worst, instead of the best, of what America is