Hump Day

Hump Day: Your 101 on summer flings

Summer is about having fun, being spontaneous


Hippo Campus performs “Bambi” tour at Sylvee

Samia opened for Hippo Campus, embracing her sexuality, meaningful lyrics


‘The Vice of Hope’ boasts artistic production, depicts harsh realities

Film depicts hard-to-watch scenes of child trafficking


Lit Fest keynote Lucy Tan talks about loneliness, expectations as an emerging author

Tan's talk highlights three-day long event at Memorial Union


Library exhibition features formative cookbook behind traditional Italian cooking

'Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well' helped unify Italy through homemade food


In Madison show, Mitski combines emotive indie rock with dramatic lyricism

Artist used pronounced gestures to aid performance


Hip-hop culture validated, connected to arts and academia in Line Breaks Festival

First Wave festival featured days of performances, community collaboration


UW Norwegian professor details country’s food culture, high standard of living

Peggy Hager discusses Norway's food, history in relation to prosperous country


InterMission Theatre to host Spring Musical Theatre Cabaret this weekend

Host of singers, actors, musicians will enjoy the chance to perform an array of scenes from musicals


GameStop offers local gaming options close to campus

GameStop employees give honest opinions, recommendations to customers