State of Wisconsin

Legislators look to model state accountability board off federal commission

Experts say, however, that FEC is “completely dysfunctional”

State of Wisconsin

Printing company plans to create 500 new Wisconsin jobs

Company expects to create all new jobs in less than five years

State of Wisconsin

Milwaukee passes 100th homicide mark for 2015

Percent increases of murder for some Milwaukee districts are in the triple, quadruple digits

State of Wisconsin

Walker’s donor record bodes well for potential 2016 bid

Gov. Scott Walker has not officially declared a 2016 presidential bid, but he stands near the top of potential candidates in terms of how much

UW-Madison Campus

UW professor researches life’s “big sloppy questions”

Why people process information differently leads UW professor Dietram Scheufele on hunt for understanding

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Walker’s lower approval ratings could impact 2016 presidential bid

State of Wisconsin

ACLU pushes for expansion of acceptable voter ID types

Two-year technical college IDs, veterans ID part of the ask

State of Wisconsin

Law proposed to stop violent felons from owning dogs

Legislation would make it illegal for criminals to use canines as weapons

State of Wisconsin

Your favorite exfoliating face wash may get banned in Wisconsin if law passes

Senate unanimously backs bar on products with microbeads due to environmental hazards

State of Wisconsin

Why Walker’s flip on immigration matters for his presidential bid

Governor moves toward conservatism before presidential campaign announcement

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