Skip the airport lines: Irish pubs in Madison that will save you a plane ticket

Get lucky with some of the best pubs in the downtown district


From the desk of the editor: Publications strive their best to fight ‘fake news’ — news consumers should too

Those who do not take time to fact check stories they're sharing are just as complicit in the epidemic of 'fake news'

City of Madison

In a city wounded by spikes of violence in 2017, citizens urgently seek remedy

Police, local officials, grassroots organizers have — at times — contrasting ideas on what it will take to prevent gun violence in Madison

UW-Madison Campus

UW chancellor encourages community to confront strained campus climate as national tensions escalate

Rebecca Blank looks toward future of free speech, faculty retention and Foxconn


Kamasi Washington turns Majestic into retro jazz club for the night

LA saxophonist hypnotized crowd with sweet saxophone riffs


From the desk of the editor: Behind ‘one in four,’ there are stories to be heard

To combat a culture of sexual assault, dialogue about sexual violence must be recentered around survivors rather than alleged assailants

UW-Madison Campus

La orden ejecutiva para terminar DACA deja a los ‘Dreamers’ de UW viviendo en el limbo

Miles de inmigrantes indocumentados en Wisconsin ahora se encontraron con empleo inestable, oportunidades educativas

UW-Madison Campus

Executive order to end DACA leaves UW ‘dreamers’ living in limbo

Thousands of undocumented immigrants in Wisconsin now met with unstable employment, educational opportunities


From the desk of the editor: Continuing The Badger Herald ‘experiment’ through Snapchat

The Badger Herald will be launching its own Discover Channel this fall


From the desk of the editor: Don’t stay silent — fight for your right to free speech

The Badger Herald welcomes all who wish to exercise their First Amendment liberty