Wisconsin deserves accessible railway transportation

Walker's blunder cost Wisconsin convenience, clean transportation, jobs


Federal government shutdown sends Madisonians scrambling for innovative, community-based solutions

As interim appropriations bill is set to expire Feb. 15, UW faculty and government employees are wary of uncertain financial future


Going for green: UW must adopt more aggressive, immediate sustainability goals

Goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 a decent start, but increasingly serious climate change means there is more to be done


In the interest of community safety, UW must re-evaluate conditions for school closure

UW's failure to cancel class, despite knowledge of the weather's danger, displays disregard for students' safety


UPDATE: Walker’s loss, his destructive education policies will linger for years

Though Tony Evers will take assume governorship next year, effects of Walker's tenure are long-lasting and severe


Politicians should follow Pocan’s lead in standing against Saudi Arabian actions in Yemen

New legislation proposed by Pocan shifts U.S. foreign policy focus from money to morality


State control over voting procedures is an unfair, antiquated practice

Important issues that decided the character of the nation, like electoral practices, should be under the authority of the federal government


In light of Kavanaugh confirmation, Democrats must pack the courts

Old FDR plan should rear its head again if Democrats regain control of Congress


Disconnecting government from politics is not effective way to encourage voting

Promotion of politics, education will make constituents more aware of positive impact of voting


Tuition is on the rise, and not everyone can keep up

As college prices skyrocket, many students are forced to balance study and full work load

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