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WSUM Spotlight: Musical nostalgia finds a home in ‘Homeroom’

Music and memory share a special relationship. Hearing certain songs or albums can prompt us to remember moments or life events. Consider “Homeroom,” hosted


WSUM Spotlight: ‘ROCKSTAR NAILBOMB!’ melds Madison with metal

Metal music is not a mainstream genre in Madison. Yet in spite of this fact and because of his love of the genre, Andrew


WSUM Spotlight: ‘DNC YRSLF DRTY’ makes listeners jump on futons, groove out

A few years ago, the American dance-punk act LCD Soundsystem penned the song, “Dance Yrself Clean,” a critical look at the condition of the


WSUM Spotlight: ‘The Crown Jewels’ pins Britain, U.S. against each other in war of wits

The American Revolutionary War took place several centuries ago, yet every Monday at 8 p.m. on WSUM, DJs American Andy and British Dan fight


WSUM Spotlight: ‘The Way Out’ provides a way in to underground music

College radio is often characterized by its eclectic broadcasting. It’s not uncommon to hear one 15-minute noise rock song after another. Unlike some of


WSUM Spotlight: ‘U DUB’ brings summer vibes to Madtown

Kayla Liederbach, also known as Kayla Kush, the host of the WSUM show “U DUB,” fits the portrait of a modern day Renaissance woman—one who


WSUM Spotlight: ‘Sex and Candy’ discuss the art of sexual music

As a college radio station, WSUM features an eclectic and broad range of programming, yet certain shows just by their very title elicit attention.

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