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Americans need to learn more about world outside America

Lack of global awareness is embarrassing at best, dangerous at worst

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From 4,200 Miles Away: Real life doesn’t have an Instagram filter

It's cliche for a reason — nothing good comes from our obsession with picture-perfect lives

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From 4,200 Miles Away: History isn’t always red, white and blue

Basic facts are often warped by the country stamped on the historian's passport

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From 4,200 Miles Away: The process of overcoming language barriers never truly ends

We often underestimate the isolation which affects non-native English speakers


From 4,200 Miles Away: Preparing for the inevitable fall of the American Empire

As history has proven time and again, no arrogant civilization, no matter how powerful, can survive

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From 4,200 Miles away: Even when studying, American college students can’t help but binge

In other parts of the world, school is not the all-consuming lifestyle we've come to embrace here in the U.S.

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From 4,200 Miles Away: It’s OK to be late sometimes — you’ll probably be happier that way

Even something as simple as enjoying a meal free from distraction is a concept lost on most Americans

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From 4,200 Miles Away: The world might have mixed feelings on the American people but it loves our media

Even while Spaniards view the U.S. with disdain, they avidly consume American media

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From 4,200 Miles Away: After a semester abroad, it’s not easy to feel proud to be an American

I'd never felt embarrassed of my heritage - until I was faced with the harsh reality that the rest of the world believes I should be

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