Going vegetarian for five days didn’t suck

Here is my week long vegetarian experience, from meal plan to mental state


Trader Joe’s: The go-to for comfort food this November

From Organic Shells and White Cheddar Mac & Cheese, to Speculoos Cookie & Cocoa Swirl Spread, Organic Honey Crisp Apple Cider, Trader Joe’s has the goods to treat November chills


Smoothies: Healthy way to save time, more Instagrammable than cereal

You can begin a healthy morning by taking a few minutes night before to prepare a healthy breakfast


I attempted to eat 100 shrimp at Red Lobster for my birthday

If you are looking for unique 21st birthday experience, Red Lobster has endless shrimp, alcohol


The war begins: Shaped Kraft mac and cheese vs. traditional Kraft mac and cheese

Sitting down to bowl of shaped mac and cheese last night got me thinking — is traditional or shaped the way to go?


You might not have home cooking, but at least you have dorm cooking

Dorm cooking may seem frightening at first, but if you give it a try you might find it to be a pleasant surprise


Grampa’s Pizza: Underrated, cozy, delicious

Its easy to become familiar with Madison pizza places such as Ian's and Strada, but if you are looking for another pizza place to try, look no further than Grampa's Pizza


Dane County Farmers’ Market, weekly taste of Madison you need to try

Chance to explore, eat, learn, have fun while supporting local agriculture


Amid store closures, Taste of Sichuan reinvigorates State Street staple

Familiar Sichuan, Hunan dishes take center stage over mainstay hot pot options


No effort eats: Restaurant-style shrimp in 20 minutes

Yes, I did make a third of this in my microwave

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