UW’s Mia Boulukos provides empowering female lens to nude photo culture with art project

Where nude photos have been dominated by male lens, Mia Boulukos aims to empower women with SEND NUDES art project

A Drop in the Bucket

Union South presents Auschwitz exhibit, lecture to impact younger generations

History teaches us what to repeat and what not to repeat, Auschwitz exhibit, lecture shown last week at UW communicates horrifying history we need to understand


More than an ‘open’ sign: UW’s Paulina Eguino breaking boundaries with neon art

One of two neon majors at UW, ASM rep, Paulina Eguino making her voice heard through unique art form


‘Spelling Bee’ spells success for InterMission Theatre

Student-produced musical performs sold-out set of shows


UW orgs unite to bring ‘Tribal Histories’ documentary series to Union South

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, UW presents 'Tribal Histories' documentary series to help us understand First Nations impact and history here


What’s a ghost’s favorite candy?

Supernatural reporter Harry Quick was on the scene last weekend to ask ghosts some of our most vital Halloween questions


UW alum John Stoops expanding influence with improv theater The Revival

Stoops is on mission to teach students valuable life skills of improv, provide tips for entrepreneurs


UW’s Chase Devens selected as one of three IES Abroad film fest finalists

Chase Devens, his film 'Les Cinq Mois' show off exceptional creativity, execution, becoming finalist for prestigious film fest


UW pays respect to Ho-Chunk history with indigenous people’s textiles exhibit

UW's School of Human Ecology holds indigenous textiles exhibit until Dec. 6


L’unité par diversité: UW’s Tony Sanchez, Staz Industries promotes unity through diversity

In-depth look at UW senior Tony Sanchez, his fashion company, Staz Industries