UHS’s online mental health training patronizes mentally ill students

Mental illness is anything but clear cut, treating it as such is disservice to students who need help the most

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Newly approved SSFC budget could mean free emergency contraceptives for victims of sexual assault

UHS plans to use $4000 reproductive health services grant to provide Paragard IUDs


Implementing UW-affiliated self-defense courses combats issues of passive engagement with student safety

Reports of rise in sexual assaults makes threat of sexual violence real, self-defense classes would work to prepare students for the worst


Emergency contraception vending machines would counter victim-blaming, provide crucial access to reproductive healthcare

Often, burdensome Plan B purchases make reproductive health of women public, vending machines avoid this burden

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UHS reflects on impact of 24/7 online mental health resource

SilverCloud provides users with confidential, accessible management of mild symptoms

Letter to the Editor

UHS must adjust weekend schedule to accommodate hellish flu season

Without weekend hours, UHS makes all students, sick or healthy, susceptible to disease

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UHS discusses possibilities of offering subsidized emergency contraception in vending machines on campus

An email exchange between an SSFC representative, UHS official discussed possible plan, which would be tested at vending machine in SAC

Letter to the Editor

UHS committed to providing holistic care for students

With numerous changes to UHS resource lineup, here are more details about what's new


UHS services inadequate for students dealing with long term mental illness

Limiting the amount of visits a student dealing with longterm mental health issues detrimental to their wellbeing

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UHS replaces Tonight program, looks to broaden conversation about sexual violence

U Got This! will be required for all first-year, incoming transfer students