UW-Madison Campus

Out-of-state tuition would increase $4,000 under proposal

Tuition increase expected to raise $9.6 million in funding for UW

UW-Madison Campus

Increasing international student enrollment could impact domestic students

International students bring in approximately $364 million in revenue to UW


Four dragons attacking campus that are less scary than rising out-of-state tuition prices

Why bother fighting when this campus is milking us for everything we're worth?

State of Wisconsin

Blank looks to increase out-of-state tuition to help fund faculty

ASM leader says increase will make UW less competitive with other big 10 schools


UW should reevaluate its recruitment strategy

Reinvestment should be in form of 'brand ambassadors' to Chicago suburbs

UW-Madison Campus

Chancellor Blank says ‘it’s time to reinvest in UW’

New focus on building a campus community worth reinvesting in

UW-Madison Campus

UW System could see a pay-per-credit tuition approach in future summer sessions

Task force plans to recommend a pilot program for a per-credit approach to tuition

State of Wisconsin

Republicans will push for tuition freeze, increased transportation funding in new session

Expert says Forward Agenda is an 'eclectic mix' that highlights different policy goals


College affordability is myth with plans from Cross, Walker

Inconvenient truth is tuition freeze doesn't make college cheap

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