Bucky Promise takes first step in rejecting exploitative, inaccessible education system

Students should be supported as they enter competitive job markets, not seen as money-making commodities

State of Wisconsin

Bipartisan bill proposes free tuition for foster children

Legislation would eliminate costs for students for 12 semesters, until age 25


To combat low university employment, UW must commit to putting student needs first

UW is losing its workforce to more attractive off-campus options, and it's time for them to raise wages if they hope to keep a viable employee base


GOP tax reform hits closer to home than students think

Education is a privilege that, because of the tax reform, will become much less accessible for middle, lower class families, students


New York stands as beacon of hope for debt-ridden college students nationwide

Low-cost or even free college would greatly increase accessibility of higher education for students of lower socio-economic status

State of Wisconsin

Republicans could push for further cuts to UW System budget in upcoming session

Students, faculty expected to fight against budget cuts

UW-Madison Campus

Out-of-state tuition would increase $4,000 under proposal

Tuition increase expected to raise $9.6 million in funding for UW

UW-Madison Campus

Increasing international student enrollment could impact domestic students

International students bring in approximately $364 million in revenue to UW


Four dragons attacking campus that are less scary than rising out-of-state tuition prices

Why bother fighting when this campus is milking us for everything we're worth?

State of Wisconsin

Blank looks to increase out-of-state tuition to help fund faculty

ASM leader says increase will make UW less competitive with other big 10 schools