Eventual Supreme Court case ruling central to eventual fight against Act 10

Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of Mark Janus, Act 10 could finally be deemed unconstitutional


Supreme Court elections inevitably induce political agendas

In election designed to appoint objective voice, Supreme Court candidates are troublingly forced to present partisan agendas


Conflicts of interest jeopardize integrity of Constitution, Wisconsin Supreme Court

Allowing justices to preside on cases involving their own campaign donors hypocritical, unfair


DACA battle reveals dangerous implications of government without checks and balances

Abusing the roles of the Supreme Court, Congress, shows Trump administration's political ineptitude


Point Counterpoint: Gorsuch revives originalism in the Supreme Court

Viewing Constitution as living document opens door to bias — luckily, Justice Gorsuch has shut that door


Disability-based discrimination far too prevalent in school hallways

Win for Michigan student with disability, her service dog important first step toward equality


‘House of Cards-Wisconsin’ takes thrilling new turn

Corruption in state government is stranger than fiction

State of Wisconsin

Sotomayor talks life in court system, engaging with community

Judicial system lacks representation, fails to provide equal opportunities

State of Wisconsin

At Waukesha rally Pence says Trump will change ‘status quo’ of politics

Wisconsin-born Republicans stress importance of Supreme Court nomination, criticize Clinton at Waukesha rally

State of Wisconsin

Walker appoints Daniel Kelly to Wisconsin Supreme Court

Kelly will officially be appointed July 31