Emergency contraception vending machines would counter victim-blaming, provide crucial access to reproductive healthcare

Often, burdensome Plan B purchases make reproductive health of women public, vending machines avoid this burden

UW-Madison Campus

UHS discusses possibilities of offering subsidized emergency contraception in vending machines on campus

An email exchange between an SSFC representative, UHS official discussed possible plan, which would be tested at vending machine in SAC

UW-Madison Campus

After heated debate, SSFC approves Wunk Sheek budget

Finance committee defended their Pow Wow event due to low student attendance

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC votes to reduce pay for Student Activity Center Governing Board members

Reduction in pay passed by a vote of 7-1-3

UW-Madison Campus

Condoms, pole dancing events among items discussed during Sex Out Loud’s SSFC budget hearing

Student finance committee passed GUTS budget

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC members reconcile after accusations of discrimination against Muslim Student Association

Apology comes after Monday's heated SSFC meeting

SSFC deliberates issues
UW-Madison Campus

Leadership organization focused on team building workshops receives SSFC eligibility hearing

SSFC granted eligibility to Sex Out Loud, GUTS

UW-Madison Campus

Badger Catholic, VETS introduce eligibility requirements during SSFC hearings

VETS program will also include educational initiatives for 2017

UW-Madison Campus

Student finance committee raises concerns over meeting attendance

Members cited issues with lack of attendance from last semester, votes to implement consequences

UW-Madison Campus

Student finance committee ‘wholeheartedly rejects’ parts of Walker’s budget proposal

Chair expresses concerns on opt-out allocable fees