UW-Madison Campus

Student Council faces ‘constitutional crisis’ over possible SSFC appointment, approves SJ budget

ASM will address vacancies within Student Council, inclusive dining options, increased mental health resources next semester

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC approves WSUM, GUTS budgets in last meeting of semester

GUTS budget proposal was passed almost unanimously just after presenting


SSFC approves MSA, Student Judiciary budgets, hears WSUM budget proposal

Wisconsin Union speaks about future proposal, WSUM gives station tour

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC approves budgets of WABM, Sex Out Loud

MSA, Student Judiciary also gave budget presentations

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC votes to remove SAC Governing Board paid positions, funds PAVE

Revised internal budget will be voted on at next ASM student council meeting

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC approves budget for Wisconsin Black Student Union

SACGB, PAVE gave budget presentations

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC approves MEChA budget after reducing it by more than $3,000

Wisconsin Black Student Union also proposed their budget for fiscal year 2020

UW-Madison Campus

ASM approves internal budget of nearly $1.3 million, reestablishes Grant Allocation Committee member funding

While SSFC voted to stop paying GAC members in a Nov. 5 meeting, Student Council chose to continue paying them

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC approves Campus Women’s Center budget, holds MEChA budget hearing

MECha presented budget with overall increase for upcoming fiscal year

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC votes to defund GAC in ASM budget, approves ASM internal budget

The committee reduced the ASM Recruitment Drive by $500