City of Madison

MPD investigates robbery on North Frances

Security camera captured footage of suspect

UW-Madison Campus

UW reinstates Quintez Cephus following acquittal for sexual assault charges

Chancellor Rebecca Blank reviewed additional material to reach this decision

UW-Madison Campus

Quintez Cephus found not guilty in sexual assault trial

Closing arguments also took place Friday

UW-Madison Campus

Former Cephus teammate, roommate Danny Davis testifies at former player’s sexual assault trial

UW football player Davis says victim expressed concern about "hooking up" with Cephus

UW-Madison Campus

First day of Cephus trial brings accuser, police to stand

Victim reports extreme intoxication, confusion throughout the incident

UW-Madison Campus

Cephus sexual assault trial begins following previous delays

Cephus charged with two counts of felony sexual assault

City of Madison

UW student faces two felony sexual assault charges

Victim reported feeling incoherent, unable to protest assault

UW-Madison Campus

‘Take Back the Night’ marchers protest sexual violence on, off campus

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, NOW organizers discuss the importance of protesting rape culture on campus

UW-Madison Campus

Rape survivor advocates for campus carry, encourages healing process for fellow survivors

Amanda Collins Johnson explains her beliefs on campus carry following personal experiences

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: UW recognizes need for sexual assault reporting software and is dedicated to supporting students

Administration officials provide context for decision to reject Callisto sexual assault reporting software in favor of more productive changes