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SSFC hears GSSF eligibility presentation, grants SVA GSSF eligibility

SSFC will vote on Sex Out Loud's GSSF eligibility Thursday when they will also be swearing in new members


SSFC approves MSA, Student Judiciary budgets, hears WSUM budget proposal

Wisconsin Union speaks about future proposal, WSUM gives station tour

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SSFC approves budgets of WABM, Sex Out Loud

MSA, Student Judiciary also gave budget presentations

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SSFC votes to remove SAC Governing Board paid positions, funds PAVE

Revised internal budget will be voted on at next ASM student council meeting

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Stigmas surrounding STIs hinder conversations about sexual health

Diagnosed or not, students look for ways to make sex safer in hookups, relationships alike

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Sexual Health Week speaker discusses nuances in sexuality, consent

Ignacio Rivera leads program aimed at combating sexual assault in children

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Condoms, pole dancing events among items discussed during Sex Out Loud’s SSFC budget hearing

Student finance committee passed GUTS budget

SSFC deliberates issues
UW-Madison Campus

Leadership organization focused on team building workshops receives SSFC eligibility hearing

SSFC granted eligibility to Sex Out Loud, GUTS

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Want to learn about safe, inclusive, pleasurable sex? Talk to Sex Out Loud

Sex Out Loud provides services dismantling traditional views of heteronormative, male-centric sex

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