Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ aggressive actions reflect his power-hungry nature

Although apologies have been issued, agenda behind his biting words still remains

State of Wisconsin

Court orders Walker to call special elections in vacant state districts

Walker refused to call special elections in vacant districts after incumbents resigned late last year

State of Wisconsin

Bill barring Wisconsin agencies from working with companies boycotting Israel passes State Senate

Legislation must first pass Assembly, Gov. Scott Walker’s desk before being signed into law

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Republicans denounce Trump’s tariffs, cite consequences for Wisconsin economy

UW professor of sociology, law believes this move puts U.S. at risk of international trade war

City of Madison

Thousands of Wisconsin high school students walk out of class, gather at Capitol to demand immediate gun reform

Protest was one of numerous across U.S. in reaction to the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February


Eventual Supreme Court case ruling central to eventual fight against Act 10

Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of Mark Janus, Act 10 could finally be deemed unconstitutional

UW-Madison Campus

As Wisconsin overhauls welfare programs, UW offers new anti-poverty solutions

Institute for Research on Poverty worked on volume of proposals countering efforts to scale back social safety net


Gov. Walker’s refusal to hold special elections poorly veiled as effort to save money

With drastically unbalanced Senate, state Assembly, Walker's refusal to hold special elections asserts his fears of Democratic representation


Poll finds Wisconsinites favor path-to-citizenship, stronger gun regulations

President Donald Trump's disapproval rating climbs to 50 percent, Gov. Walker's drops one percent to 47 percent


Overcrowding in Democratic gubernatorial primary may lead to Republican victory

Squabbling between candidates gives incumbent Gov. Scott Walker time to fill his war chest