UW-Madison Campus

UW student receives scholarship to study accessibility of farmers’ markets for low-income residents

Research will be conducted this summer in Madison, Milwaukee, Marathon County


Lack of scheduled vote for bill strengthening UW research indicates misplaced priorities in Statehouse

Though payoff might not be as immediate, investments in education should receive just as much of priority as industry

UW-Madison Campus

The Lab Report: Identifying strategies to improve ovarian cancer survival rates

UW senior's research focuses on helping understand earliest states of cancer


UW study proves children deserve better than current gun culture

Correlation between presence of firearms, child depression cause for gun control, stricter regulations

UW-Madison Campus

UW professor hopes to provide aid to Africa with development of new tuberculosis test

Technological innovations promises faster, more accurate TB test results to places that need it most


Funding research imperative to ending gun violence

Lack of research into mass shootings, mental health, make preventing tragedies like Las Vegas increasingly more difficult

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Science outreach coordinator discusses history, innovations in food crop engineering

Tom Zinnen highlights how advancements in gene editing sparked review of bioengineered food regulations

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Student journals come together to provide peers with ‘a well-rounded read’

WUJA creates easy way for publications to exchange ideas, pieces, contacts

UW-Madison Campus

UW scientist believes there’s no ‘time to waste’ to find cancer cure

Melissa Skala studied breast cancer, participated in Stand Up To Cancer summit before moving forward with research

UW-Madison Campus

Panel discusses ways to broadcast educational research so legislators can better implement policy

Lack of time, unawareness among reasons for absence of scholarly research in policy making