Every UW student should take an American history course

Having a required class about the history of oppression in our country is essential for creating a brighter future


‘It’s my opinion’ is no acceptable excuse for intolerance

Newspapers must take care to only publish columns worthy of a platform, which inspire productive dialogue


Adele’s Grammy speech important to feminists worldwide

Singer reminds Grammys, world that diversity in music should be celebrated, not pushed aside


Labelling people as bigots is clearly unproductive, considering we elected one

Taking down people like Trump, Ann Coulter requires more than name-calling, shaming


Call ‘alt-right’ what it is: Racist

It's on the entire UW community to make it clear that hate will never be tolerated on our campus again

UW-Madison Campus

Amid feelings of uncertainty, UW students of color work to create outlets for expression

New platforms encourage community dialogue, give voice to marginalized communities


Nasty women did not need your vote: So when exactly was America great?

I want to make America great again — this time, not just for the white man, but for me

City of Madison

Local leaders reaffirm commitment to community in light of Trump’s election

Madison City Council, Dane County Board plan on working toward implementing progressive ideals


Character assassination of people of color in the media leads to spike in racially charged violence

It seems that white killers are made into heroes while people of color are demonized


Ravings of a future stay-at-home dad: Our university needs a lesson on free speech

Football fans dressed as Obama in noose defended by UW with citing the First Amendment