Systemic racism not an exclusively Southern issue

Contemplating the lasting effects of systemic racism must include a history of the North


It’s time UW and the Madison community widen its update of racism

Just because you don't consider it racist doesn't mean it isn't

UW-Madison Campus

Line Breaks Festival fills void of diverse art offerings in Madison

Students of The First Wave Hip-Hop and Urban Arts Learning Community display premiere works in annual festival

Letter to the Editor

Stop calling me ‘the whitest black guy you know’

Do not equate intelligence or success with the color of ones skin


‘Somebody else’s babies’ helped form this nation

U.S. Rep. Steve King rightfully condemned for his hateful calls to homogenize America


Every UW student should take an American history course

Having a required class about the history of oppression in our country is essential for creating a brighter future


‘It’s my opinion’ is no acceptable excuse for intolerance

Newspapers must take care to only publish columns worthy of a platform, which inspire productive dialogue


Adele’s Grammy speech important to feminists worldwide

Singer reminds Grammys, world that diversity in music should be celebrated, not pushed aside


Labelling people as bigots is clearly unproductive, considering we elected one

Taking down people like Trump, Ann Coulter requires more than name-calling, shaming


Call ‘alt-right’ what it is: Racist

It's on the entire UW community to make it clear that hate will never be tolerated on our campus again