Police violence is gun violence too

In light of recent protests for increased gun reform, senseless violence by officers has been neglected


Madison officials need to make timely, correct decision regarding Confederate monuments

After six months of inaction, removal of monument memorializing racism deniers would be welcome change


Increase in white supremacy on campuses nationwide emblematic of social climate in America

Students responsible for standing up to harmful, racist rhetoric on campuses nationwide


Wisconsin GOP congressional candidate Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter, and rightfully so

Regardless of media forum, racist imagery objectively has no place in American politics


Admitting racist past is America’s first step towards justice

History of denial impedes potential improvement of race relations in U.S.


A year into Trump’s America and it’s worse than expected

Impotent Trump administration has accomplished little else than polarization in its first year


Understanding cause of bigotry among Trump supporters is crucial in mending racial divides

If intolerance emerges from lack of interracial contact, how can we make progress in racially homogeneous rural communities?


Systemic racism not an exclusively Southern issue

Contemplating the lasting effects of systemic racism must include a history of the North


It’s time UW and the Madison community widen its update of racism

Just because you don't consider it racist doesn't mean it isn't

UW-Madison Campus

Line Breaks Festival fills void of diverse art offerings in Madison

Students of The First Wave Hip-Hop and Urban Arts Learning Community display premiere works in annual festival