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Why you should vote for Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential nominee has proven track record of advocating progressive ideals

State of Wisconsin

UW experts predict presidential election to swing in Clinton’s favor

Candidates expected to work to appeal to swing states like Wisconsin


Why Tammy Baldwin would have been a better VP choice than Tim Kaine

Due to her womanhood, progressive stances, Wisconsin senator had potential for positive press in Clinton's campaign


There are 69 million eligible millennial voters, so why aren’t candidates talking about college affordability?

In first two presidential debates, 'college' was mentioned only four times

State of Wisconsin

Latest Marquette poll shows Clinton pulling ahead in presidential race

Poll attributes change in support to Trump's lewd video


We do need to make America great again — let’s start by not electing a misogynist as president

Four years is a long time for women to feel objectified and unsafe


Time for logical fallacies to be addressed, dumped this election season

Ad hominem attacks, red herring fallacy and false equivalence especially pertinent in 2016 race for president


Ryan taking first step to make an effective government

Speaker says he will get legislation passed with either Clinton or Trump as president


A fractured GOP: Trump struggles where Republican senatorial candidates succeed

Senate candidates have more poise and campaign experience than their presidential nominee


I’m a conservative and voting for Trump is the last thing I would do

Don't vote for a candidate for the sake of your party, but for the sake of the nation

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