City of Madison

Soglin announces mayoral reelection campaign

Madison's current mayor optimistic despite changing his mind after a failed gubernatorial bid


Badger Herald Editorial Board: Madison’s identity as sanctuary city should never be threatened

Voting down bill proposed to roll back city's policies on undocumented immigrants an important progressive measure


Poll finds Wisconsinites favor path-to-citizenship, stronger gun regulations

President Donald Trump's disapproval rating climbs to 50 percent, Gov. Walker's drops one percent to 47 percent


Overcrowding in Democratic gubernatorial primary may lead to Republican victory

Squabbling between candidates gives incumbent Gov. Scott Walker time to fill his war chest


Madison officials need to make timely, correct decision regarding Confederate monuments

After six months of inaction, removal of monument memorializing racism deniers would be welcome change


Walker’s Twitter tirade against Soglin potentially significant act in gubernatorial race

Actions of candidates are important, but voters must be conscious in deciding their relevance, effect


Soglin’s public transportation reform proposal excellent use of city funds

By improving the current public transportation system, Madison becomes both environmentally conscious, conscious of underprivileged population


In examining Confederate monuments, intentions matter most

Many believe that statues linked to Confederacy should not be torn down due to association, but intentions matter

City of Madison

With future of DACA uncertain, Soglin stresses importance of local immigrant community

Soglin said DACA recipients, other recent immigrants are making valuable contributions to city, state

City of Madison

Madison leaders call new immigration executive order unconstitutional

Mayor Paul Soglin says 'We are not going to operate on anything other than our Constitution and our own good will'