Veracious ad campaign targeting Paul Ryan’s stance on DACA encourages voter action

Corporate interests, upcoming elections have dictated governmental action — time to speak up

City of Madison

Speaker Paul Ryan calls for nationwide unity in light of Parkland shooting

House Speaker Paul Ryan ties mental health to recent Parkland, Florida events


Impeachment futile, midterm elections integral to change

Shifting congressional control is first step to dismantling Trumpism


First district challengers are gifts for Paul Ryan

Bryce, Nehlen both weak, unqualified candidates to replace Ryan as Speaker of the House


Wisconsin politicians deep in NRA pockets, and it shows

Legislators have intimate ties to NRA, inaction in response to mass shootings makes relationship obvious


Paul Ryan doesn’t deserve criticism from members of his own party

As one of the most influential, successful members of Congress, Ryan is more than doing his job for the Republican party


Paul Ryan’s inability to connect with constituents has weakened his appeal — enter Randy Bryce

In a time where underdogs have a fighting chance, Paul Ryan may face his hardest election to date

UW-Madison Campus

Pocan talks global problems, local solutions at town hall meeting

U.S. Rep. said cuts to EPA have created problems in dealing with climate change


Conspiracy unfolded: The Wisconsin Capitol is designed after Paul Ryan’s previously pierced nipples

The real question is, what were his motivations?


Republicans fail to deliver on yet another promise: repealing Obamacare

GOP failure to repeal ACA shows dysfunction of party, highlights its inability to accomplish anything

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