Point Counterpoint: The only catastrophe related to ACA would be repealing it

Republicans blind hatred of 'Obamacare' is not rooted in fact, endangers American lives


Point Counterpoint: ‘Obamacare’ had its shot, it’s time to let it go

With plenty of solid replacements for ACA, Americans can rest assured Trump and the GOP will revive a broken health care system

State of Wisconsin

Mike Pence stomps on Obamacare, praises Wisconsin businesses in Janesville visit

Republican leaders focused on health care reform, need to find 'shared values'

City of Madison

Madison community uses 1,800-foot pink ribbon to show commitment to resistance movement

Planned Parenthood supporters discussed need for universal health care

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Repeal and replace the Un-Affordable Care Act

Millions of Americans deal with the consequences of ACA every year, Paul Ryan, House Republicans have a better way forward


The war on women rages on: Repealing ACA will hit Wisconsin women the hardest

Wisconsin Well Women Program will not house women left on margins after repeal of 'Obamacare,' low-income, disabled, transgender women disproportionately affected


Where Trump’s 100-day plan goes very, very wrong

Trump's plan to withdraw from NAFTA, repeal Obamacare will be detrimental to the American people


Moving to block grants would end Medicaid as we know it

Taking away the entitlement allows for states to gut funding, hurting primarily poorest among us

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Health care should be a right for every American

Affordable Care Act granted coverage to many who wouldn't get it otherwise


Goodbye Obamacare – Paul Ryan’s got it from here

Speaker of the House's plan increases competition in health care, but unclear if this will end up lowering costs

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