What (not) to watch when streaming in quarantine

Quick reviews to help you decide what’s worth your time on Netflix


Streaming television numbers jump 85% since same time last year

Brief rundown on popular streaming services, their increased viewership


Three coming-of-age movies worth your time, available on Netflix

Here are three coming-of-age movies to watch during quarantine


Choosing, analyzing most underrated movie of 2010s, plus some honorable mentions

Every year movies fall below our radar, over decade, list of underrated films becomes overwhelming


Curtain falls on Netflix original Bojack Horseman

An analysis of the show Bojack Horseman with few spoilers


The state and worth of free movie streaming

Countless websites offering free movie streams show value, what to trust, what to avoid


New season of ‘BoJack Horseman’ raises stakes, builds toward series finale

On Oct. 25, first part of 'BoJack Horseman' final season surfaced on Netflix, continuing to challenge its fans to think critically


Timothee Chalamet leads royal cast in Netflix Original ‘The King’

‘The King’ works because of convincing set pieces, gorgeous cinematography, stellar acting led by Timothee Chalamet’s promising versatility


‘El Camino’ a worthy conclusion to Jesse Pinkman’s story, ‘Breaking Bad’ world

Aaron Paul slides back into the role of broken Jesse with ease as 'El Camino' navigates its way through powerful flashbacks to conclude Jesse's story


‘Breaking Bad’ movie breaks out with ‘El Camino’ title, October release

Eerie Netflix announcement trailer suggests Jesse Pinkman will be running from the law in new 'Breaking Bad' movie

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