State of Wisconsin

Everything UW students need to know before August gubernatorial primary

Candidates weigh in on general issues, plans for UW system, students


UW’s impressive voter turnout reflects insurgence of student activism

Students must stay engaged, energized to continue recently galvanized movement of political activism

City of Madison

Madison on track to achieve affordable housing goal with recent approval of nearly 300 new units

Tax credits boost city’s trajectory in reaching five-year goal

City of Madison

Soglin denounces Trump’s infrastructure plan, considers Gov. Walker’s approval ‘betrayal’

Plan encourages private investment in public infrastructure, could leave major portions of interstate system open to tolling


Walker’s Twitter tirade against Soglin potentially significant act in gubernatorial race

Actions of candidates are important, but voters must be conscious in deciding their relevance, effect


Soglin should focus on promoting public health, safety laws instead of vetoing liquor license

By simply refusing to allow alcohol licenses for new business, Mayor Soglin hurts new businesses without solving greater issue


Soglin’s past relationship with Fidel Castro made more problematic in gubernatorial race

Questions arise about Soglin's character, friendly history with Castro

City of Madison

City Council discusses long-term solutions for consequences of notorious binge-drinking climate in Madison

Moratorium on alcohol licensing affects areas close to UW Campus

City of Madison

Race to the state: Amid crowded democratic pool, Mayor Paul Soglin takes first steps for the gubernatorial election

The complicated figurehead faces uphill battle with critics coming in from both sides of the political spectrum

City of Madison

Mayor Soglin discusses problems with new health care bill, calls on Congress for action

Mental health, substance abuse coverage will be reduced in new bill, creating possible issues for city agencies