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Support for local journalism essential for strong democracy

As local newspapers fade, we must support vitality of print journalism while radio fills coverage gaps

State of Wisconsin

Local Wisconsin newspapers may face hostile takeover

'If [the state journal] is going to be eaten up by vulture capitalists and spit out, then we have to look at alternatives within communities,' UW Chair in Journalism Ethics says

City of Madison

New Project Position Combats Opioid Abuse in Dane County

Dane County, Madison, UW received $1.2 million grant for substance abuse recovery project

City of Madison

UPDATED: Madison leadership announces appointments for MPD Civilian Oversight Board

Nine out of 27 nominations were recommended by local organizations in addition to two selected by Madison Mayor

City of Madison

Tensions arise between UW, local government over rising COVID-19 cases

UW Chancellor says off-campus parties, large gatherings not under university jurisdiction

City of Madison

Madison task force for Black community issues holds first meeting

Task force discussed police brutality, gun violence, pandemic-related concerns within Black community

UW-Madison Campus

Syndicated news brought American mass culture to German-dominated Milwaukee, speaker says

Lecturer Julia Guarneri shares her findings of syndicated news impacts at turn of twentieth century


Local news has a global impact

As corporations consume and corrupt local newpapers, the integrity of democracy is jeopardized