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‘What do you want to do before you die?’ canvas on Library Mall celebrates student aspirations

UW student, artist asks students about life plans with art project on Library Mall

City of Madison

Madison Police Department investigation of reported racially-motivated incident ongoing 

UW Hillel offers support to students impacted by ‘violent antisemitic incident’

UW-Madison Campus

Blk Power Coalition leads call to action demonstration following racist video

‘Today is about celebrating us and the Black people on this campus,’ student says at demonstration

UW-Madison Campus

Warriors for Christ elicit counterprotest at Library Mall

Milwaukee-based Christian group to open Madison chapter

UW-Madison Campus

UW in beginning stages of Library Mall redevelopment, seeking community input

'Balancing the various hopes, dreams and desires for public open spaces such as this will be a challenge but one we feel can be completed and result in an amazing new space for all to enjoy,' Director of Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture says

City of Madison

Food trucks suffer from lack of students, introduce take-out options

'If you’re going to order out, look at us. It’s quality food, and it’s delicious,' one business owner says.

City of Madison

UW responds to white supremacist graffiti at Library Mall, adjacent off-campus buildings

Potential suspect recorded on security camera at 4:40 a.m.

UW-Madison Campus

Man attempts strong-armed robbery in Library Mall, grabs woman

Man described as white, in 30s, with heavy build

City of Madison

Man arrested for drunken driving attempts to contaminate surfaces by spitting in squad car

Man did not show any signs of being infected with COVID-19 virus.

UW-Madison Campus

MPD investigates armed robbery at Library Mall

Area now safe for students, police remain in area

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