GLAAD survey reveals bleak trend for LGBTQ+ community, erasure of Obama-era progress

Trump administration's actions permit, encourage climate of intolerance of LGBTQ+ individuals


Trump’s transgender reforms inflame already serious societal problem

The biggest threat to the LGBTQ+ community comes directly from the White House

Letter to the Editor

Federal government should be stepping up for transgender rights, not backing down

President Donald Trump's removal of protections for transgender students will be a disaster for LGBTQ+ community


Trump’s latest move against the LGBTQ+ community is disappointing, but not shocking

By taking away bathroom protects for transgender students, the president spit in the face of equality and compassion


Leaked executive order could wreak havoc on LGBTQ+ Americans

These are not attempts to protect religious freedom, they are attempts to formally legitimize conservative Christian power and influence in this country

Hump Day

Hump day: Protecting sexual health during Trump presidency

Commentary on birth control, LGBTQ* rights, Planned Parenthood

City of Madison

Madison receives top rankings for LGBTQ+ equality

The city earns top score in Wisconsin


Complete apathy is best strategy for dealing with Westboro Baptist Church

Hate group relies on antagonizing pedestrians to fund twisted agenda

UW-Madison Campus

Three months after Orlando, tears still flow

UW's LGBTQ+ community looks back three months since Pulse nightclub massacre

City of Madison

In photos: Madison community grieves, shows support for Orlando victims

More than 400 individuals join together for candlelight vigil at capitol building

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