City of Madison

Dane County rolls out new initiatives for increased access to mental health services

'The situation for youth mental health is actually worse than for adult mental health,' NAMI director says

State of Wisconsin

Daily number of applications filed for unemployment exceeded 20,000

As coronavirus crises worsens, business closures, layoffs, force Wisconsinites to apply for unemployment benefits


County Executive announces funds for new mental health initiative, UW Health collaborates

UW Health plans to collaborate on new initiative

UW-Madison Campus

Parisi announces Dane County budget increase to support mental health, addiction recovery

Dane County Executive announced $865,000 increase for mental health, addiction services

City of Madison

UW joins Dane County to introduce sustainability projects

New UW council to provide 'hard data' on sustainability needs

State of Wisconsin

Joe Parisi announces increased funds for mental health, addiction services in 2019

Funds will hire more mental health professionals, expand treatment programs, put Narcan in more businesses

City of Madison

Thousands of Wisconsin high school students walk out of class, gather at Capitol to demand immediate gun reform

Protest was one of numerous across U.S. in reaction to the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February

City of Madison

Dane County Executive calls for lawmakers to take action on gun control in light of Parkland shooting

Lawmakers use mental health as an excuse to avoid changing gun laws

City of Madison

Dane County unveils plans for new housing facility designed to support veterans, provide affordable housing

Valor on Washington will be largest veteran residential space in U.S.

City of Madison

Dane County executive looks to create more inclusive workplace for bilingual employees

Legislation would bridge gap between community's minorities, government