Poll finds Wisconsinites favor path-to-citizenship, stronger gun regulations

President Donald Trump's disapproval rating climbs to 50 percent, Gov. Walker's drops one percent to 47 percent


Wisconsin needs statewide gun registry to improve safety, law enforcement

Unorganized gun registration encourages violence, while making investigation into crimes more difficult


Gov. Walker says no to arming teachers, but yes to millions from NRA

Walker's flip-flopping of perspectives raises questions about motivation behind his stance on gun control


Death penalty only reinforces a cycle of senseless violence

Killing is objectively wrong, no matter the justification, short-term solutions will not result in long-term change


Listening session shows Trump’s lack of concern for mass shooting survivors’ wishes

Proposal to arm teachers, school personnel not only dangerous but also ineffective

City of Madison

After Parkland shooting, Soglin calls for municipalities to have more power over gun laws

Madison is hampered by State Legislature to enact any gun policies, solutions, Soglin said

City of Madison

‘I should feel safe’: Madison high school students speak up, call for gun safety

Recent Florida events bring gun control measures to Wisconsin

State of Wisconsin

Following three concurrent gun shop burglaries, state representative renews calls for mandating stricter security

Many store owners advocate for harsher measures, ensuring their product "only goes to people who are authorized to have it"

City of Madison

Dane County Executive calls for lawmakers to take action on gun control in light of Parkland shooting

Lawmakers use mental health as an excuse to avoid changing gun laws


Improved gun control policy desperately needed after Florida high school shooting

Although political talk seems terse, debate and policy central to honoring victims