It’s time for personal conviction vaccination exemptions to go

Mandatory vaccination for those medically able is a strong safeguard for public health


Budget process may seem devious, but we must trust lawmakers

'Rider' legislation is a necessary consequence of a representative government that values public opinion

UW-Madison Campus

Reporters should be biased in today’s world, lecturer says

Jeremy Scahill emphasized importance of holding government accountable, role of young people in shaping new political precedent

UW-Madison Campus

Students should worry about debt crisis, speaker says

Boccia said if students care about financial security, economic success then they should care about national debt


Walker’s crusade against need-based aid bolstered by new requirements for Medicaid recipients

Unwillingness to expand eligibility defeats purpose of program


Split over government shutdown may have negative implications for Democrats in midterm elections

Senate Minority Leader did not learn from 2013 mistakes


People, not the fall of capitalism, hold the key to climate change

The stakes of inaction are high, people must take responsibility to protect our planet


Blunders in Virginia point to bleak future for Wisconsin progressives

Balance between utopian ideologies, moderate base voters key for future of Democratic party


Soglin ditches decorum, professionalism in blaming alders for budget problems

With personal attacks on alders, Madison Mayor brings himself, city government down a peg

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