State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin COVID-19 cases grow to over 400

Governor Evers to issue stay at home order in response

State of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers declares public health emergency over coronavirus

CDC awards $10 million grant to combat COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

State of Wisconsin

Evers creates independent redistricting commission via executive order

Gov. Evers is seeking to create alternative district map to one Republican-lead legislature will produce


Due to Trump’s actions, Hmong peoples’ future in Wisconsin remains uncertain

US must acknowledge its history with Hmong people, take stance against deportation to preserve Hmong-US union in Wisconsin, UW

UW-Madison Campus

UW to support Hmong students, staff, faculty after US government begins deportation negotiations

University officials said UWPD does not engage in immigration enforcement


Point Counterpoint: Gov. Evers’ political redistricting will give power back to masses

Evers' efforts to be transparent during new nonpartisan redistricting will combat Republicans' legacy of secrecy, corruption


Editorial Board: Fall 2019’s biggest stories

Following are the most contested stories from this semester


The ugly truth about being black in Wisconsin

Increase in hate crimes, continuing racial disparities show Wisconsin has a long way to go in racial equity


Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Respecting all holidays is important this winter season

Recent declarations of a "War on Christmas" trivialize experiences of religious minorities, reveal privilege among Christians


‘Accountability requires transparency’: Why the Wisconsin Transparency Project is vital in improving democracy

Open records, freedom of information help public stay informed, hold elected officials to high standard